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Mac HelpMate and Auto HelpMate,
An Extra Set of Hands, Another Pair of Eyes.

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Monitor your Macs - While Working or Sleeping

With Maintenance Features and Proactive Alerts
Mac HelpMate Helps Your Macs Perform Better and Reveals
Underlying Problems Before Data Loss Occurs.

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The Problem 

If you're a computer support professional or consultant, you're likely responsible for dozens, perhaps hundreds or even thousands of Macs. Every minute of every hour of every day, the machines you manage inch closer to an event which may cause data loss. Checking up on a regular basis takes time and is tedious, and the warning signs of even major issues often lie out of sight, and therefore out of mind.

Meet Auto HelpMate for Mac, The Solution 

That's where Auto HelpMate with Statekeeper Alerts comes in. With a simple installer package run once on each Mac or Mac Server, or pushed with Apple Remote Desktop or any other package manager, Auto HelpMate immediately examines your Mac for signs of trouble and reports back to you, assigning each Mac a "health score" and flagging those with major issues so you can take corrective action. Once a Mac crosses a certain threshold, you're notified immediately, as well as any other contacts by group or location. Once installed, you can perform maintenance tasks such as repairing permissions, clearing caches, or installing software updates right from the Auto HelpMate website.